L.A Girl PRO COVERAGE Foundation



When you have super dry skin, shopping for a foundation can be a bit unexciting. Even ones which are suppose to be for dry skins end up looking flaky and cling on to my dry patches, so honestly I do not try many foundations and have a tiny collection!


Then I decided to finally pick up the L.A Girl Pro coverage, my justification for this was that since it is so affordable, I really would not be ‘Loosing’ that much money.


Now let me just say, this foundation is defiantly the most dewy one I have ever tried. I do not believe this will work at all for people who have any sort of oiliness in their skin (unless you want to constantly be powdering your face down).


It does wear better the more it sits on your skin, which made me love it even more. When I initially applied this foundation, I though oh its nice and hydrating, but after a couple of hours I was obsessed.


The longevity + hydration + natural finish ticks all the right boxes in terms of what I personally look for in my foundations.


The shade selection was a bit tricky to be honest, that would be my only complaint. I am not normally fair, however after seeing some reviews on YouTube (about the shade selection) I had been prepared that I would have to shade down from my normal. This foundation is quite yellow/ neutral based and is darker then what you typically would associate with the shades they have labeled the bottles with. (so just keep that in mind when looking at this product)

The dewiness really made me love this foundation, especially now that we are going into the summer months. I never want my base to look dry or cake-y and this one never did!





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