Juvia’s Place-The Nubian Palette

Lately I have not been feeling inspired to write much nor have I been trying out much new makeup.

I bought this palette a while ago now, and honestly can say it has been my to go to palette even time I have been feeling for a warm toned eye look.


The colours in here are absolutely gorgeous and the quality is fantastic! I even bought a close friend of mine one for christmas.

You get 12 shades in this palette, 4 mattes / 6 sheens and 2 stunning foiled shades. which you can create a number of looks with from simple day to day ones, all the way to the very dramatic dark looks.


All the swatches were done using my fingers and it only took one swipe to get the intensity that I got in the photos.


The colour selection is that very on trend burgundy tones with 2 really nice orange toned crease shades.

I was honestly surprised by the quality, they last all day/ night on me without creasing or fading and it is one of the lesser expensive palettes I own.


I do also love the design on the package, It fits right in with the name of brand and the name of the palette. Just something small I noticed but really ties the whole palette together.


There really is not much of a down side to this brand. I honestly would recommend checking them out. It defiantly have been incorporating it overtime I do wear shadow, whether to create an entire look just using it on its own or mixing it in with other shadows.

I have included a couple of pictures of some looks I created with this palette. Hope you enjoyed this post!




Would love to hear your thoughts on this palette and any recommendations of products/ brands I should try out next!



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