Red Lipstick Collection (Charlotte Tilbury/Chanel/Rimmel and more)- Review

Confession, I buy a ton of lip products. It is my go to section of most makeup counters, not sure if it is because most of the time it is the most affordable product in range or maybe the packaging is too darn adorable. What ever the reason, I was looking through all my lipsticks recently and realised that I have quite the collection of red lipsticks, more then any other colour.

So I though why not share my thoughts on some of the most used ones I have, what I like about them and what I may not like so much.

Charlotte Tilbury- Red Carpet Red 


The forumla on this is not too glossy nor matte, but does dry down to a matte finish. As this is a lipstick is does transfer, quite a fair bit but I was very surprised by the longevity of it as it lasted some time before I had to do any touch ups. It also fades very evenly and not patchy or weird.

I enjoy wearing this shade its comfortable on the lips and its not an orangey red it is a bit more vampy and blue toned, which I prefer to the more bright reds.

The charlotte Tilbury lipsticks also have a subtle scent to them, not anything thats bad I actually like the scent but I just can’t figure out what they smell of.

Charlotte Tilbury- So Marilyn 


So Marilyn is a bit different to Red Carpet Red, it is more glossy and does not dry down matte, it is also more of a true red as in it does not have a blue undertone to it. Its a beautiful shade and I would say a bit more comfortable to wear then the other one, but only by the tiniest amount. It does transfer a lot more then red carpet red does, this will literally get everywhere, so what I like to do is after I have applied it on I’ll take a piece of tissue and dab of the excess.

Rimmel London – Kate Moss in 107


Let me just put it out there although the in the picture it looks slightly patchy, this was one of the last shades I swatched on my lips so they were sore and stained by this point.

The lipstick itself is not patchy and is a beautiful dark red shade, this was actually one of the very first lipsticks I bought from Rimmel ( I now own about 8 different shades) I love the formula on this, its creamy yet dries down to a semi-matte finish and the longevity is great on these, it also does not transfer as much. Compared to some of my higher end lipsticks I actually prefer this one to them!

The only negative comment I have on this shade and in general on the Rimmel lipsticks is that they have a strong chemically smell, nothing that lingers on after you’ve applied it but I just wish they had a nicer scent.

Chanel Rouge Allure- Passion 104 


This is defiantly the first ever luxury product I purchased and I love it! It was when I had gotten my first job working in a Fashion house and wanted to treat myself to something special. However thats not the only reason I love it, the formula is very creamy and easy to apply, you don’t need to work to much with the product to get an opaque even colour. I also love how it leaves my lips feeling moisturised and does not feel drying at all.

I would say though if you want to make this product last longer, wearing a lip liner underneath really helps pro-long its wear time. When it does fade it leaves a slight tint to your lips.

The scent though is something to keep in mind, as is with a lot of Chanel products I’v realised. They have such a distinctive floral scent to them. So if thats a deal breaker for you I would suggest staying away from these as it is very pricey!

Mac- Matte Frank-n-Furter


I was contemplating whether or not to include this one, just because it was limited edition (I believe it was from a halloween collection a while back) but honestly it has to be my most used red lipstick I own. I love this for day or night time really and surprisingly even though it is matte, it really is it does not feel drying on the lips. The colour is a gorgeous burgundy red-ish shade and honestly lasts for so long on the lips! I struggle to take this off even after a big night out. It is also the most transfer proof out of the bunch (it still does transfer just not as much as the rest).


I love all my reds and would recommend trying any of the ones mentioned above if you haven’t already!

Hope you enjoyed this post and seeing a few of the red lipsticks I currently own.

Much love.



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